Hey There, Farmhand

You don’t have to be an expert to do farm work!

Or at least we hope you don’t…

Come play farmer for a day!


We also pay farmsitters to stay on the property and take care of the animals while we’re away. Let us know if you’re interested using the same form!


Daily/Weekly Farm Chores


  • Feeding and watering

  • Brushing and playing

  • Shoveling manure (actually more fun than it sounds)

  • Electric fence setup/teardown


  • Starting and transplanting seedlings

  • Weeding

  • Watering

  • Harvesting (large scale harvests below)


  • Mowing the lawn (riding mower)

  • Clearing paths

  • Pressure washing stuff

  • Turning compost

Big Projects

Exciting projects that don’t happen all the time. For example:

  • New infrastructure like the chicken manor or the goat barn

  • Big harvests like the artichokes or the orchard

  • Big cooking projects like jams and ciders


Interested in something else?

Have a particular skill you’d like to try? Here’s a partial backlog of the unscheduled projects. If one of these looks interesting to you, we might move it up!

  • Run permanent plumbing to outdoor farm sink

  • Make a building shaped trellis for a kids vine fort

  • Build and install road sign for the farm

  • Gravel driveway repair

  • Pond runoff drain refurbishment

  • Install gutters on barns

  • Build walnut drying racks

  • Design and build nest boxes for swallows and other beneficial native predators

  • Expand compost station

  • Dig samples for soil tests

  • Fix automatic livestock watering system

  • Install EV charging circuit