Mary, Kate, & Ashley

Named for the order in which they will come to you for treats, these three sassy ladies enjoy blueberries, rice, and scratching up bugs in the grass. They can be found in the chicken coop or their mobile “tractor”.

Catniss & Mocha

Our resident farm cats. Good huntresses that keep a watchfull eye on our property. They are elusive (so elusive that we don’t yet have a good photo of Mocha). They can be found most often during the day cuddled up together on a heat pad in the garage.

Dahlia & Rosie Cotton

These beautiful ladies are our most recent additions. They can be found in a shady little corral next to the barn. (or online at their Facebook page or live on our barn ca-moo-ra)

Bingley & Nox

Our two lovely house cats. They moved out from Seattle with us and are adjusting wonderfully to island life. They can be found most frequently sunning themselves at the top of the house where they can see everyone without moving.


This little bunny helps us around the farm.

Sarah & Ansel